Anshelle – release of 7th studioalbum

I almost can’t believe that my bandmates and me already released our 7th Anshelle studio album! The album named “VII” was released at the 20th October 2017. The first single of the album is “Boomerang” which is on air on several radio stations (including the national radio station SRF1). We also had a great cd release party at the 21th October… Read more →

Anshelle – Heading for new shores

Anshelle will release a new album in fall 2017. I’m looking forward to working on new material with my longtime bandmates. This will be the seventh album (already!) and I can’t wait to start writing and recording. The fact that we will be working with a new guitar player makes the whole thing even more exciting! Read more →

Creative Trip New Zealand

After Anshelle played the last concert of the “Blink of an Eye” tour in November 2015, my partner and Anshelle bandmate Phil Küffer and me went off for a creative trip to New Zealand. Besides travelling through this beautiful country and its very charming citizens we also had the chance to play some gigs as DICK&klein. I will keep this… Read more →

Anshelle – Touring all over Switzerland

Now that the cd-release of “Blink of an Eye” has taken place and the promotion-tour ist almost done, I can focus on our live-tour which will take us all over Switzerland. And finally I have time again to write songs for DICK&klein and for my other songwriting and producer-partners. 2014 was a ride – and I wonder what is going… Read more →

Anshelle – New Single out!

The first single of our upcoming album “Blink of an Eye” is finally out! I’m very exited and happy that the new round has started and I hope you like the new single as much as I do. Check our new website where you find pictures and stories about Already Gone and Anshelle! Read more →

Anshelle – New Chapter

Happy New Year! Most of the demos for the upcoming Anshelle album are done. I’m still working on the lyrics but with the help of my new writing-partners nate and kaelie highfiled I’m shure they will turn out right. In the middle of February my bandmates and me are off to Germany to record the pre-single and the album-single for… Read more →